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Residential & Commercial Construction

As mentioned in other articles on this matter, there are two types of retaining walls, residential and commercial. Now, the main difference between them is that the commercial type does not actually need to be very good looking, it only needs to serve one purpose, while the residential retaining wall needs to also look good.

San Diego Residential Retaining Wall

As mentioned earlier, a residential retaining wall in San Diego has to serve several purposes. For example:

  • It needs to actually be able to stabilize the soil
  • It needs to be built within some given instructions
  • The retaining wall also needs to have a specific design that meets the rest of the buildings around it
  • It also needs to be reasonably priced
  • It has to follow the code requirements

So, a San Diego retaining wall has to do a lot of things, but in the end and as mentioned before in our series of articles, the need for a retaining wall is clear and you should think about one. You can even build it out of specially designed retaining wall blocks that will do the job and even have a nice finish.

San Diego Commercial Retaining Wall

The commercial retaining wall is a simple piece of kit because it only needs to serve one purpose, that of stabilizing the soil behind it. It can easily be built out of concrete and be left rough without any finishing on it. This saves a lot of money and it is the way to go for any factory. The retaining wall system in San Diego will be subjected to some inspections, but if you have built a proper one you should have no problems in getting passed those inspections successfully.

Hire a Retaining Wall Expert in San Diego

There are two ways of building the retaining wall, be it commercial or residential. You can either build it yourself if you think you are up to it, or you can hire a retaining wall expert in San Diego to do it for you. In any case, you will need the help of the expert to come up with a correct design for the retaining wall, so you will need to hire one anyway.

Some of you might imagine that the services offered by the retaining wall experts are very expensive, but because there are a lot of people looking for walls and Engineers, the retaining wall services in San Diego are quite affordable.

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