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Retaining Wall Engineering

Engineering a retaining wall, as mentioned in the other articles, is not something that all of us can do. I am not saying that it is something very difficult, but if you simple don’t have the knowledge to do it, it will turn out the wrong way. There are certain aspects that will probably be left outside the project and you don’t want to have a retaining wall that will collapse when it rains for the first time after building it.

Retaining wall calculations

These calculations can only be done by an expert that has studied this problem in school. Unless you are a structural engineer, you will not be able to actually make these calculations accurately. Here are a couple of things that you should consider when making the retaining wall calculations:

  • The density of the soil that will be held back by the wall
  • The level difference that the retaining wall will create
  • The total weight of the soil behind the retaining wall
  • How the soil moves when it rain or when it freezes

Click on our infographic to learn more about engineering for a certain type of retaining wall:

Engineering Behind a Retaining Wall

Retaining wall design

After the expert has all the numbers he need and has done all the testing he will commence to creating the actual design. This retaining wall design in San Diego,or elsewhere, should include the materials that should be used for the wall, the actual sizes, such as depth, height and length, and also some specific building techniques, if any are needed. The design is, as mentioned in other articles, a very important part of the process of building the retaining wall.

Retaining wall engineering plans

You also have the option of purchasing the plans that were used to build standard retaining walls, maybe built using concrete and other similar materials. These should be strong enough to handle the weight, regardless of the shape you are using. If you want to save some money this is probably the way you should go, but if you want to have a unique looking retaining wall, you will probably need to spend some money.

In any case, you will always have to consider the lateral pressure of the soil, the stability and the masonry techniques you will use to build your retaing wall step by step. Make sure it is safe and make sure that you are not investing a lot of money into something that will be destroyed by nature. Build your retaining wall properly.

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