"Long lasting beauty and durable hard finish retaining wall build in San Diego for our commercial store at the most affordable price ever!"
"We got the fastest turn around & we were so pleased with the end result. The lanscape and retaining wall are amazing."
"Tall 10 feet retaining wall build for our apartment’s complex on a big slope in San Diego. Beautiful design and steps!"

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Retaining Wall Services

Do you have questions like these?

  • Can you tell me how to repair the concrete-block retaining wall in my backyard that leans a little bit more each year?
  • Can I use broken concrete in terracing retaining walls located on a slope?
  • I have access to lots of large stone. Can I just stack them to make a retaining wall from stone?
  • Are retaining wall blocks a good choice?

Team Renovate specializes in making Retaining Walls for all purposes and caters to the needs of the North County San Diego area. Our Retaining Walls are superior in durability and style. Your landscape requirement is understood by our team and a design is suggested that will meet that perfectly. A selection can be made from our existing portfolio of work or a design can be developed especially for you. Differently sized walls require different materials and design styles. Our experts will make appropriate suggestions and you stand to gain from their wealth of experience. 

Our range of San Diego services includes:

  • Selecting the right type of retaining wall systems
  • Cost Analysis
  • Assessment of Geotechnical considerations related to soil study and load-bearing capacity
  • Design consultation
  • Rebuilding collapsed wall structures

San Diego Retaining Wall Innovation

At Team Renovate, we offer complete wall packages that comprises the range from original designing to making choices from existing alternative wall systems. We will design your wall and propose the valuation as well. This includes all types of walls including concrete block retaining walls, brick walls, reinforced walls using geogrids, and all the others available options relating to Retaining Walls. We also subscribe fully to the sentiment of Green Building and make sure that our products promote the ‘green’ concept. This is done by use of durable materials like stone and concrete that is apparent across our projects executed in and around the North County San Diego area. We consciously choose and promote the use of material that will not have long-term harmful effect on the environment. Blending with the natural surroundings is what we aim at and try to optimize the efficiency of the resources used. Even the design decisions and site solutions we offer are geared toward environmentally sustainable practices. 


There may be cases where a new wall is not required and the old wall works fine with repairs. In such situations, our contractors will assess the wall damage and research the changes required in wall function, loading conditions and environment. Customized repairs, remediation or replacement measures will be suggested that are cost effective and practical. We are also open to working with specialty contractors on aspects related to design, repairs or wall installation. Evaluation of existing walls is also undertaken to assess poor performance or distress during or after construction. 

Evaluation of Structures in San Diego

Team Renovate provides free estimations for work to be done, be it renovation of an old or making a totally new wall structure. We also help you to acquire the proper permits required by your county before beginning any work. Other services include analysis of effects of construction on adjacent structures and utilities, study of expected wall movements, long-term monitoring/instrumentation, trouble-shooting for present structures, and assessing maintenance requirements and life span of structure. We have also performed forensic analysis and provided expert testimony, as required. 

Retaining Walls have been in use for centuries and examples are in abundance at every heritage site. To draw inspiration from these and emulate the same effectively keeping in mind the constraints of the property on which the retaining wall has to be used is the work of experts. It is also our endeavor to add to the beauty of nature and not take away from it. So where feasible, we suggest making Retaining Walls that promote vegetation. By the term Vegetation, we refer to greening of the wall itself by planting in nooks and crevices; this creates an unmatched aesthetics that is both a pleasing and environmentally friendly retaining wall. Walls being vertical or sloped by nature allow for natural irrigation or drainage and since the material used has a landfill behind it, root growth is facilitated effortlessly. Further, greening in this way reduces visibility of the concrete/stone or timber used and provides the vibrancy of color that only nature offers. Team Renovate has the experience and the technology; come to us with your requirement and get a free quote and estimates. We are here to help your landscape look the best.


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