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Retaining Wall Products

Retaining wall is a structure which is designed to withstand the lateral pressure of soil due to change in ground elevation. The lateral pressure is created when the ground elevation exceeds the angle of repose of soil. It also prevents the erosion of soil. Concrete and stones are used to retain wall in majority of the cases. Sometimes special retaining wall blocks which are crafted from aggregate materials and light concrete are also used for retaining walls. The retaining wall structure must be long lasting.

Retaining Wall Manufacturing Companies

  • Keystone Wall System: Keystone retaining wall systems, Inc. is in the business of wall retention for more than 20 years. Keystone is a subsidiary of CONTECH Construction Products, Inc. CONTECH is one the leading providers of complete solutions for earth stabilizations projects. Keystone provides site solutions for governmental, commercial/ industrial, recreational, public works and residential applications.
  • Anchor wall systems: Anchor wall system came into existence in 1989 but the history of country shows that it supplied the American Midwest with the iconic construction blocks which are shown in the buildings which were built at that time. As of today Anchor wall system has got manufacturer’s license in more than 20 countries including USA. The company holds 70 patents in USA in addition to many international patents.

San Diego Products for Landscape & Residential Retaining Wall

The various products for landscape & residential wall retention can be divided into groups which are as follows:

  • Landscape Products: Landscape products refers to a group of building industry products used by garden designers and landscape architects and exhibited at trade fairs devoted to these industries. Major products in this group include Sedona stone, garden wall, legacy stones , mini caps, country cottage, country manor, stone gate country manor, palazzo stone Potenzo , stone verazzo stone(1piece & 3 piece).
  • Structural Products: They are the basic building blocks. Brick is the most common type of structural product. Some common examples of structural products are Standard Units, Compac Units, Century Wall, 133elite Walls, and Key Steel SQFT.
  • Miscellaneous Products: This includes Fiberglass Pins, Kapstones, and Adhesive.

Get in touch with a Retaining Wall Contractor in San Diego

Contractors play a vital role in retaining wall. The choice of contractor depends on the size of landscaping projects. Contractors may not be necessary for small projects but it is always beneficial to hire a contractor. Retention of wall which is more than three feet must be designed and approved by qualified engineers.

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