"Long lasting beauty and durable hard finish retaining wall build in San Diego for our commercial store at the most affordable price ever!"
"We got the fastest turn around & we were so pleased with the end result. The lanscape and retaining wall are amazing."
"Tall 10 feet retaining wall build for our apartment’s complex on a big slope in San Diego. Beautiful design and steps!"

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Mini Excavator & Bobcat (Skid Steer) Excavation

The retaining wall design that you have reached will also require some digging on some properties because the wall might need to be stronger if it needs to hold back larger amounts of soil. This excavation can be done by using a mini excavator and a bobcat.

Retaining Wall Excavation Process

The process should not be very difficult and if you have clear instructions it will be possible for you to complete it so you can save some money. Here are some of the steps that you will need to take before starting the process:

  • You need the actual size of the trench you need to dig
  • You might need to rent a mini excavator if you don’t have one lying around
  • Learning how to efficiently operate the machine is always a good thing to do
  • Making sure that you are not excavating too much to make sure that the base will not eat too much building material, such as concrete or cement

As you can see, the actual process should not be a very difficult job, but you should have the dimensions before anything else. I recommend testing your skills in using the mini excavator first before starting to excavate the actual trench. Make sure that you are using the protective equipment specified by local law.

Minimal Shovel Excavation Service

This service is a very cheap one and can be contracted easily. All you need is a phone call and the workers will be there in the shortest amount of time. First of all you have to be certain that all you need is a minimal shovel excavation service, and not a full on base excavation for your retaining wall.

Major Machine Directed Excavation Service

Any major machine directed excavation services that might be needed can easily be done by a specialized company. The price is usually pretty reasonable and if you can somehow help the process it will be even lower. This is usually a mandatory job if you have to dig a deep trench, so there is no way around it, unless, as mentioned earlier, you have you own digging machine.

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You can contact a retaining wall contractor for all the services that you need regarding this build. It is very simple, especially if you are located in San Diego or the surrounding area.

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