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San Diego Retaining Wall Gardening

Terrace a Sloped Garden

Properties with a steep slope are not rare in San Diego and they present everyday challenges for every owner. Terracing a sloped garden has at least two important advantages: it offers the possibility to create a great-looking vegetable garden layout in your backyard, and it helps prevent erosion by allowing heavy rains to soak into the soil.

Materials you can use for the retaining wall when terracing include:

  • Treated wood. It comes in many forms and it has several advantages: it is often the less expensive option, it is easy to work with, and it blends in well with flowers and vegetables. If you suffer from allergies, caution is advised when dealing with treated wood.
  • Bricks, stones, rocks, concrete blocks or other masonry material. While these may be more expensive than wood is, adequate engineering and design will reward the owner with durability and effectiveness.

Terraces need to allow fair leveling of the land in-between. Designing and building the retaining wall need to take into consideration the San Diego community codes for walls and terraces. Ask for the expertise of our professionals, so that every retaining wall in your terraced slope has proper drainage, has the right height and is strong enough and anchored adequately to resist hydrostatic water pressure, freezing, thawing and heavy rains.

Fill in with Quality Dirt

If you opt for a vegetable garden layout in your terraced slope, it is wisest to fill the terraces with top quality dirt, which has organic compost and manure in its composition. San Diego professionals have the expertise needed to advise you on filling terraces properly. Quality dirt allows vegetables to absorb the optimum amount of nutrients needed for healthy growth, without risking the dangers of over fertilization.

Grow Organic Vegetables for Your Family!

Terracing a slope will preserve the soil of your backyard, while an attractive vegetable garden design will add flair to your landscaping. The benefits of growing your own organic vegetables include:

  • Always knowing what you feed your family
  • Risen nutritional value of the vegetables, due to being picked at their prime
  • Waste minimization, due to picking only what is needed
  • Water saving

In addition to these, you are given the luxury to gain control over your nutrition and improve the choices and cost of the food you eat.

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