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Retaining Wall Materials

Besides the tools that we have talked about in another article you will also need some materials in order to build a retaining wall. Now, because there are several types of materials that you need, you can read the following article and learn the list so you know exactly what you need in order to build the wall.

Retaining wall blocks

Retaining Wall BlocksThe blocks are obviously the main part of your wall and I can certainly tell you that you have a lot of choices. First of all you have to really choose the most appropriate type of retaining wall block for the surroundings. This will not be too difficult as there are people to help you with that at the hardware store.


Porous landscape fabric

Porous Landscape FabricThis type of fabric is used to protect the layer beneath it and to make cleaning easier. It also helps keep rodents and other pests away. Basically, if you want to always have the best looking garden out there you will need to use the porous landscape fabric. I recommend using it right besides the retaining wall to make sure that you don’t need to pull out weeds every two weeks.

Gravel (optional)

GravelAs the title says, you don’t need to use gravel but I recommend for a more authentic look. You can either use gravel in the mortar or above the porous landscape fabric laid earlier. In any case make sure that the gravel used is the same as the one you already have in your garden (if you have any) and make sure that it isn’t either too little or too much.


Leveling sand

Leveling SandYou might assume that you can use any kind of sand but you would be wrong. It is very important to use special, finer sand for the leveling because this one also sets properly and will surely be more reliable in the long run. You can find this type of sand at the local hardware store and it is not expensive at all. A couple of bags should do the trick, depending on how large the retaining wall will be.


Wood stakes

Wood StakesThese can be used as backup for the wall as you are building it or you can actually build a secondary fence using specially designed wood stakes. You can find these at a wood works shop or furniture factory and they are not very cheap, but you will see how some well made wood stakes can help your progress.


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If you want to have a retaining wall, you can easily get a free estimate in San Diego. You can call the contractor and in a couple of minutes he should be able to help you with a clear estimate on it. You can decide if you want to build it or not.

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