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Landscape Retaining Wall

Garden landscape involves designing a garden in a manner that is aesthetic while maintaining the principles of nature. Along with types of plants, land contours form an intrinsic part of this specialized architecture. The inspiration may be drawn from real world but shaping the land to appear as the architect wants it to involve the use of special techniques for diverse purposes. In North County San Diego, making a retaining wall is one of these.

Retaining Wall Landscaping Ideas

The need or idea for creating a retaining wall may arise out of a number of requirements. For instance, the land may be contoured and you need a level area which could serve as a play area for children. In this case, a retaining wall built around the space will keep the land in as well as create a level area. The same may be true for developing other outdoor usable spaces such as a patio or pool. Where the landscaping is to be done on a slope, the retaining wall may be used to create a terrace effect. Different garden areas may be developed on different parts of this terraced slope. If you are looking to create a lawn and the land is so steep that mowing will be a problem, here again a retaining wall will help reduce the slope to manageable levels.

San Diego Retaining Wall Landscape Design

Creativity is the byword in landscaping and a number of designs exist that will make use of the retaining wall to produce stunning effects on very mundane pieces of property. The material used for making the retaining wall adds to and enhances the design aspect. For example, if the wall is to be made of stone, the type, size, shape and color of the stone will create different designs. Uniformly cut stone looks different from the rough cut one; the thickness of the retaining wall block stones used and the color will give uniquely diverse designs. The height of the wall often decides the thickness and size; low walls look better with thin stones and bigger walls can easily accommodate boulders. Also, stone is available in shades of gray, tan, or brown and their combinations. Attention will then have to be paid to the color of flooring or paving that will be near the wall and the color of flowers to be planted nearby, if any.

Retaining Wall Landscape Lighting

Lighting greatly enhances the beauty of the retaining wall when properly used. The subtle lighting that may be employed along the wall may be a 120-volt lighting with concealed electrical wiring or low voltage lighting connected to a transformer; or it may be solar lights that do not need wiring. In San Diego, many types of fixtures are used to illuminate the retaining wall either on the top or sides.


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