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Retaining Wall Tools

A retaining wall is not a very complicated piece of engineering, but even so, you will need some tools in order to build one. This article will list some of the most basic tools that you will need in order to build one of these retaining walls. It is a simple list and the investment in the tools will not be a very significant one.

San Diego Retaining Wall Tools

As mentioned earlier, the retaining wall tools that you need are not complicated at all, they are just simple items that can make it an easier job. Here are some examples:

  • ChiselChisel – the chisel can help you soften the edges and make the pieces of your wall fit together like a glove, so to speak. You will probably need a couple of different sized chisels if you want to really have the best result.
  • 3 lb. Hammer3 lb. drilling hammer – this is a trusty tool that everyone should have around the house. A cheap option when you need force it can also help you use the chisels as they are designed to be used. You can certainly find the hammer at any local hardware shop.
  • Carpenter's LevelCarpenter’s level – this is useful because you want your wall to be level and straight. It is easy to use, usually pretty cheap and you ill always get the best results. The carpenter’s level also doubles as a meter in some cases.
  • Mason's LineMason’s line – this can be achieved with any kind of line, but you can also purchase a special line from the local hardware shop. In any case, you should use this if you want your wall to look good and sit straight on the ground.
  • Line LevelLine level – the line level is very simple and it can be compared with the carpenter’s level. It basically does the same thing but it can be used to level the wall’s edges that are too far apart to be leveled using the carpenter’s level.
  • Flat Pointed ShovelFlat pointed shovel – this tool is another very common one and will definitely help you with the mortar you will be using to make your retaining wall. Again, it is a very simple tool and very cheap. I am sure you won’t have any problems finding one.
  • Hand TamperHand tamper – this is another great tool because it helps you level the ground before anything else. It is cheap, easy to use and very important. Don’t forget about the hand tamper or you will have a lot of problems building a good retaining wall.
  • GlovesGloves – this so called tool should always be used in order to protect your hands. The skin is also protected and you won’t need to spend an hour trying to wash away the dirt. Use them, they are cheap and you can find them at any local hardware store.
  • Safety GlassesSafety glasses – when you use the chisel that we mentioned earlier, you will probably need to use the safety glasses as well to make sure that no pieces of stone hit your eyes. Again, a very cheap item that you should have around at all times.
  • Back SupportBack support – this s a versatile tool. You can either use one because you need to keep your back warm or when you are lifting heavy loads. In either case, make sure that you use the back support.

Hire a Retaining Wall Contractor in San Diego Area Now!

If you don’t want to build the concrete retaining wall yourself or you don’t have the time for it, you can always call a retaining wall contractor in San Diego. If you have the retaining wall materials and tool needed, the price will be reasonable and the results will be more than perfect.

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