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"Tall 10 feet retaining wall build for our apartment’s complex on a big slope in San Diego. Beautiful design and steps!"

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Retaining Wall Green Solutions

With the effects of global warming becoming more and more apparent, the focus in construction is changing. Significant emphasis is placed on use of materials that have the least impact on the environment and are recyclable. The name frequently used is Green Building. At Team Renovate, we subscribe fully to the sentiment and make sure that our products promote the ‘green’ concept. 

Durable Materials in San Diego

Use of durable retaining wall materials in San Diego like stone and concrete is apparent across our projects executed in and around the North County San Diego area. We consciously choose and promote the use of material that will not have long-term harmful effect on the environment. Blending with the natural surroundings is what we aim at and try to optimize the efficiency of the resources used. Even the design decisions and site solutions we offer are geared toward environmentally sustainable practices.

Environmentally Friendly Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are intrinsically environment-friendly as they stem from the idea of preventing soil erosion in San Diego. Additionally, natural material that is native to a particular area is preferred always. For example, the type of stone or timber to be used in a Retaining Wall is guided by this principle. We also use concrete for its environmentally friendly nature made as it is from recycled materials like concrete aggregate, fly ash and iron oxide. The waste concrete produced during the making of the concrete units is crushed into aggregate and reused. As a result, waste material is minimal. Likewise, fly ash is itself a byproduct of burnt coal and when used to make concrete, it is productively used. Recycled scrap steel burned at high temperatures produces the third component, synthetic iron oxide, which is used to color the concrete units. The concrete blocks therefore are a result of an environmentally conscious outlook. 

San Diego Sustainable Quality

The Retaining Walls we make are long-lasting whether the product used is timber, stone or concrete. Concrete has the longest lifespan of these as it is more chemical resistant and can withstand any type of abrasion or weather conditions. But timber and stone also follow suit as we make use of treated timber without using toxic material and types of stone that do not corrode easily. In addition, the walls we erect are recyclable. When no longer needed or desired, the units can simply be repositioned elsewhere or crushed and recycled into new designs.

Nature Derived Projects

It is our endeavor to add to the beauty of nature and not take away from it. So where feasible, we suggest making Retaining Walls that promote vegetation. By the term Vegetation, we refer to greening of the wall itself by planting in nooks and crevices; this creates an unmatched aesthetics that is both pleasing and environmentally friendly. Walls being vertical or sloped by nature allow for natural irrigation or drainage and since the material used has a landfill behind it, root growth is facilitated effortlessly. Further, greening in this way reduces visibility of the concrete/stone or timber used and provides the vibrancy of color that only nature offers.


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