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Fiberglass Pins

Straight Pins Shouldered Pins Alignment Pins Steel Pins Fiberglass Pins

Fiberglass Pins Product Information

Keystone Retaining Wall Systems are one of the leading manufacturers of pins. The Fiberglass Pins which are manufactured by Keystone Retaining Wall Systems feature 6,400psi shear strength with the advantage of time saving design innovations and construction techniques. The Fiberglass Pins are available in both shouldered and non-shouldered designs. The shouldered pins have got a rock-solid, injection molded cap which is tampered and hence helps in its installation. One should watch out for the seal of approval which Keystone Retaining Wall Systems put on its products which in turn will ensure the commitment of the firm to the excellence and offering the highest quality products in the market. The Fiberglass Pins of Keystone Retaining Wall Systems are suitable for Sound wall system and newer, landscape products of the company.

Specification of Fiberglass Pins

Keystone Pin Specifications
  Straight Pin Shoulder Pin Alignment Pin Steel Pin
Pin Length 5-1/4" (130mm) 3-3/4" (95mm) 2-3/8" (60mm) 8" (203mm)
Pin Diameter 1/2" (13mm) 1/2" (13mm)   9/16" (14mm)
Shoulder Length   7/8" (22mm) 1" (26mm)  
Shoulder Diameter   3/4" (20mm)    


Pin Requirement By Product
Product Straight Shouldered Alignment Steel
Mini/Caps x      
Country Cottage    x    
Country Manor    x    
Stonegate CM    x    
Palazzo Stone      x  
Potenzo Stone      x  
Verazzo Stone      x  
Standard  x      
Compac  x      
Century Wall/Half    x    
133Elite   x    
KeySystem I x     x

The first chart shows the dimension of the pin which should be used and the second chart shows the name of keystone products on which this can be used.

Fiberglass Pins Types

There are four types of Fiberglass Pins which are as follows:

  • Straight Pins: These pins are straight and they are used for joining two blocks.
  • Shouldered Pins: As shown in the figure above, these pins are shouldered at the top. This shouldering pin has got a rock-solid, injection molded cap which is tampered and hence helps in its installation.
  • Alignment Pins: It is also a kind of shouldered pin which is shouldered at the midpoint of its dimension. These pins are used for the alignment purpose of the blocks.
  • Steel Pins: The above mentioned three pins are made up of fiber but steel pins are made up of steel. These pins have got their application in connecting the blocks with wall.

Hire a Retaining Wall Contractor Now

The role of contractor in the retention of wall cannot be ignored even in the small project. As in any project the wall has to support a load so the dimension of the wall is one of the vital factors in its construction. These things can only be known to an experienced and skilled contractor. Our company has got specialty in the contracting field. We have got contractors who are dedicated, skilled and experienced at the same time.

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