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Keystone Verazzo Stone - 1 & 3 pcs

Verazzo Stone - 1 piece Introduction

Verazzo Stone

Keystone Verazzo Stone - 1 piece is finished on two sides which allow both 1and 2 side projection. The look of Keystone Verazzo Stone - 1 piece is like a natural stone. It can be used to enhance any outdoor decoration with natural colors and textures. It is very easy to install because Keystone’s proven pin connection system makes aligning units effortless. It has got multiple pins which allow for near vertical, positive and negative setbacks. Keystone Verazzo Stone – 1 is boon to the retaining wall industry.

Specifications of Keystone Verazzo Stone - 1 piece are as follows:

  unit specifications
height 6"
width 12/16"
depth 10-1/2"
weight 68lbs
pins yes

Verazzo Stone - 3 piece Introduction

Verazzo Stone 1

Verazzo Stone - 3 piece is angled and textured on two sides which provides exceptional design versatility which be blended in any landscape. It has got unmatched strength, stability and a ruuged appeal. The featuring colors of Verazzo Stone - 3 piece blends to the compliment of any outdoor decoration. The angles on both sides of the stone provide different face lengths for tight fitting and straight-line walls and radii at curves. It have got its application in multiple positions within the wall.

Specifications of Verazzo Stone - 3 pieces are as follows:

  large medium small
height 6" 6" 6"
width 14/16" 8/10" 4/6"
depth 10,5" 10,5" 10,5"
weight 68lbs 35lbs 27lbs
pins yes yes yes

Verazzo Stone Installation

Installation of any type of Verazzo Stone requires three steps which are as follows:

  • Preparation of site: In this step a shallow trench of 12’’ deep by 24’’ wide is dug. All the roots and plans should be removed. The leveling should be done by leveling pad of compact sand and gravel.
  • Setting of base course: In this step, starting from the straighter side the Keystone Verazzo Stone unit is placed on the base course. One should make sure that the outside edges of the units must touch each other.
  • Pining, Stacking and filling: In this placement of second course is done from the straighter side. It should be made sure that center of Verazzo Stone should be placed over the pins on the joints of the course below it. This helps in good interlocking of courses. One should clean the garvel for better drainage.

Hire a Verazzo Stone Retaining Wall Contractor Now

Verazzo Stone installation is a very vital factor in any of the construction because it is the installer who decides various dimensions and estimation that is be required for the retaining wall project. Our company provides skilled and experienced contractors who have good exposure in the field of installation of Verazzo Stone at very reasonable cost. Hire our contractors now and install the verazzo stone you want.

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