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Keystone Stonegate Country Manor

Keystone stonegate country manor introduction and products

Stonegate Country Manor

The keystone stonegate country manor has similar looks like a smooth, weathered stone. It has got all the features of an original keystone country manor and also its cut stone offers a more refined look. Stonegate country manor utilizes keystone’s patented pin connection method and thus offers the same freestanding wall options and suitability for larger structural projects than the original keystone country manor. This makes keystone stonegate country manor suitable for cottage to castle and at the same time providing a natural look of a stone.

Specifications of stonegate country manor

The specifications of stonegate country manor depend on product size, weight, color and availability but generally following specification is used in most of the cases

Stonegate Country Manor 1 Stonegate Country Manor 2

  Large Medium Small
height 6" 6" 6"
width 14/16" 10/12" 4/6"
depth 10 10 10
weight 60lbs 40lbs 25lbs
pins yes yes yes


Installation of Keystone stonegate country manor

Installation is done in following six steps

  • Prepare the base leveling pad: All the surface vegetation and debris should be removed and this should not be used as backfill. Excavation of the base trench to the designed width and depth (min. 20" W x 12" D) should be done after selecting the location and length of the wall. Leveling of the prepared base with 6" (150mm) of well-compacted granular fill (gravel, road base, or 1/2" to 3/4" [10 - 20 mm] should be done.
  • Install & level the base course: The first course of stonegate country manor should be placed end to end on the base which was prepared earlier. Embedment of base course should be to a minimum of 1" for every course of units.
    • Insert the fiberglass pins: The shouldered fiberglass pins should be placed into the holes of the country manor units with placing one pin only per each grouping of three holes.
    • Install core fill & compaction: Crushed stone drainage fill(1/2”-3/4”) should be provided to a minimum depth of 12”,after the pins have been installed. Appropriate compaction equipment should be used for compaction to 95% Standard Proctor and avoid using jumping and ramming type compaction.
    • Install additional courses: Next course of country manor units should be placed over the fiberglass pins where these pins fit into the long channels of the above units. Additional drainage fill should be provided in case the pins do not connect with channel.
    • Capping the wall: After applying the constructional adhesive install the country manor capping (3”) as required by the design.

Hire a Stonegate Country Manor Retaining Wall Contractor

We offer contractors with good work experience in installation of keystone stonegate country manor units and also at a very reasonable expenditure. Our contractors provide accurate estimate and economy involved in the formation of retaining wall with proper transparency. Contact us and hire the contractor you want.

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