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Keystone Country Manor

Country Manor Products

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The structure of country manor is rugged but it has got blended color and character. They appear like natural stones walls of old world which were found throughout the Europe. Country Manor is a product which provides appearance of rustic, hand-laid stone walls with an additional advantage of strength. The ease with which it can be installed is one of the biggest advantages of this unit. It can be installed by in modular and pin technology. The structure of country manor is rugged but it has got blended color and character. They appear like natural stones walls of old world which were found throughout the Europe.

Specifications of Keystone Country Manor

Keystone Country Manor Image 1


  unit A unit B unit C unit d unit E unit F
height 6" 6" 6" 6" 6" 6"
width 14/16" 10/12" 12/12" 8/10" 6/8" 4/6"
depth 10" 10" 10" 10" 10" 10"
weight 60lbs 40lbs 45lbs 45lbs 35lbs 25lbs
pins yes yes yes yes yes yes


The size, weight, color and product availability are the deciding factors for the specification, so the above mentioned specifications may vary according to the local factors of the area.

CADD details of Keystone Country Manor

Keystone Country Manor Image 2Keystone Country Manor Image 3

The near figures show the various conditions for the estimation of Keystone Country Manor. In the figures various locations for backfill and drainage material have been shown. It also shows the slopes and dimensions at which the Country Manor should be installed. No extra surcharge or load has been assumed in the CADD details.

Installation of Keystone Country Manor

Installation of Keystone Country Manor involves six steps which are as follows:

  • Prepare Base Leveling Pad: Once the location and dimension of area is fixed all the surface vegetation and debris should be removed and cannot be used as backfill. The leveling of pad should be started from the lowest level. The trench dimension should be (min. 20" W x 12" D). Level the prepared base with 6" of well-compacted and crushed granular fill (gravel, road base, or 1/2" to 3/4").
  • Installation of base course: The course of Country Manor units should be placed end to end. The long groove on the unit should be placed down and the three pin holes should face up. Minimum embedment of base course should be 1" for every course.
    • Insertion of the Fiberglass Pins: The shouldered fiberglass pin is placed in the Country Manor units. According to wall requirements and design, the front pin hole can be used randomly to allow a forward projection of a specific unit for accent and variation in the wall appearance.
    • Install Fill and Compaction: Once the pins have been installed, provide 1/2"- 3/4" crushed stone drainage fill behind the units to a minimum depth of 12". Use heavy ride-on compaction equipment within 3' (1m) from back of wall should be avoided.
    • Installation of additional Courses: The next course is laid down on the fiber pins. The Country Manor units toward the face of the wall should be pushed until there is contact of wall with the pin. If pins do not connect with channel but align in open core of upper unit, place drainage fill in core to provide unit interlock with pin
    • Capping the Wall: Construction adhesive like Keystone Kapseal is used for a mechanical bonding of the cap with the last layer of the wall.

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