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Keystone 133elite Walls

133elite Walls Information

133 elite Walls

The keystone 133elite with its great looks and big size is also a great design to increase efficiency. It has a face dimension of 8”*24” and each installed unit is 1.33 square face feet resulting into more square feet per unit. All these properties along with light weight save the manpower as well as the transportation costs because it gives more square feet per unit.

Specifications of 133elite Walls

  l33Elite unit
height 8"
width 24"
depth 12"
weight 90lbs
pins yes

Product size, weight, color and product availability varies by location so it is advisable to contact Iocal manufacturers can be contacted for up to date product information.

Installation of Keystone 133elite Walls

Installation of wall is a vital thing in its construction. Installation should provide strength, stability and good interlocking of wall. In general installation of Keystone 133elite Walls is done in the following steps:

  • Prepare the base leveling pad: Leveling pad should be started at the lowest elevation along wall alignment. There should be stepping up in 8" (200mm) increment with the base as the elevation changes. Level the prepared base with 6" (150mm) of well-compacted granular fill (gravel, road base, or 1/2" to 3/4" [10 - 20 mm] crushed stone). Compact to 95% Standard Proctor or greater. Pea gravel or sand should not be used for leveling pad.
  • Install the base course: The first course of Keystone 133Elite units are placed end to end (with face of wall corners touching) on the prepared base. Pin holes should face upward and the receiving channel on the unit should be placed downward. Each unit should be in level with minimum embedment of base course as 1" for every course.
  • Install the fiberglass pins: The fiberglass pins are placed into the holes of the Keystone 133Elite units.
  • Install & compac backfill: A clean crushed stone drainage fill (1/2”-3/4”) should be provided behind the units to a minimum depth of 12”, after the pins have been installed. Further place backfill in maximum 6” (150mm) layers and then compact to 95% standard protocol density by compaction equipment suitable for the work.
  • Continue installation: The next course of keystone 133Elite units is placed over the fiberglass pins which fit into the receiving channel recess of the units above. Minimize the distance between face of the walls and keystone units in order to ensure unit’s full contact with the pins.drinage fills should be provided if required and continue the process to achieve desired elevation.

Hire a 133elite Wall Contractor Now

The function of a contractor is to install the 133elite Wall and interlocking is one of the important characteristic of any wall. Our company provides contractors who are specialists in their field. Contact us and find out more.

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