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Keystone Country Cottage

Country Cottage Landscape Products

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The physical look of country cottage is random and rugged but at the same time it is blended with color and character. Country cottage is used for giving home or castle a graceful curve, it can also be used in monumental corners and terraced walls. Assembly of the varying length of country cottage units results in random layout, with texture, color and appearance of old world stone wall. The physical look of country cottage is random and rugged but at the same time it is blended with color and character.

Specifications of Keystone Country Cottage

The specifications of Keystone Country Cottage depend on product size, weight, color and availability. While installing Country Cottage at least half of it should be under ground.

  large unit small unit
height 3" 3"
width 9/11" 4/6"
depth 10" 10"
weight 22lbs 22lbs

These specifications are for maximum wall height of 18’’. A commercial filter fabric (stocked by most garden supply stores) may be used when existing site soils are used for backfill.

Country Cottage Image










Estimation of Keystone Country Cottage

WALL HEIGHT WALL LENGTH (measured at wall face including curves)
5' 10' 15' 20'
3"(1 course) 4L/4S 8L/8S 12L/12S 16L/16S
6" (2 courses) 8L/8S 16L/16S 24L/24S 32L/32S
9" (3 courses) 12L/12S 24L/24S 24L/24S 48L/48S
12" (4 courses) 16L/16S 32L/32S 48L/48S 64L/64S
15" (5 courses) 20L/20S 40L/40S 60L/60S 80L/80S
18" (6 courses) 24L/24S 48L/48S 72L/72S 96L/96S

This chart is based on the conditions of a level grade above and below the wall, granular soil and no loads above wall. The maximum exposed wall height is assumed to be 18’’ in the above estimation.

Installation of Keystone Country Cottage

Installation of Keystone Country Cottage involves three steps which are:

  • Preparation of level pad: The level pad is prepared by digging a trench of 6" deep by 12" wide. 2-3 inches of stones are added for the purpose of leveling the pad. After this the leveling pad is tamped before application of first layer.
  • Installation of first course: In this the first units of country cottage is kept side by side and one should make sure that the units have been leveled side by side and back to back also. Leveling the first course is critical for accurate and acceptable result.
  • Installation of additional courses: installation of second course should always start from the straight side. The wall is built up by randomly utilizing the shapes of the units. The reitition of same size units should be avoided.

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