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Keystone Sculpterra Technology

Keystone Sculpterra Technology Overview

Keystone Sculpterra Technology is a process that applies a natural texture to any retaining wall block. The consistency in quality and appearance is also one of the important features of Keystone Sculpterra Technology. This technology can be applied to enhance any landscape project and also to complement the architectural elements of any commercial site. Keystone Sculpterra Technology provides structurally sound, aesthetically appealing, and economically beneficial solutions to the retaining wall projects. It can be used for gravity well of reinforced earth structure. The Keystone Compac Hewnstone is a perfect example of Sculpterra. It has got a combination of strength and solid reputation of the Keystone Compac with the aesthetic beauty of a Hewnstone face.

Key Features of Keystone Sculpterra Technology

Some of the key features of Keystone Sculpterra Technology are as follows:

  • Aesthetic: It is due to availability of variety of colors.
  • Ease of Installation: The unique design of tail and triangular pin connection hole allows the installer-friendly adjustments.
  • Design Versatility: There versatility Keystone Sculpterra Technology is one of its special features. It has got very high unit to unit shear resistance, there is increased vertical drainage through face units and also there is excellent connection strength between units and geogrid. Tapered sides of offer ease in constructing tight radii.

Keystone Sculpterra Technology Installation

In general any unit which is based on Keystone Sculpterra Technology involves five steps which are as follows:

  • Creation of leveling pad: In this step the application of leveling pad starts from the lowest point along the wall alignment. The leveling of base is done with 8’’ of well compacted granular fill.
  • Installation of base course: In this the units are placed on the prepared base in end to end fashion. The receiving channel on the unit should be placed downward and the pin holes should face upward. Minimum embedment of the base course should be 8" below grade.
  • Insertion of Fiberglass Pins: In this the Fiberglass Pins are placed in the units at specified points.
  • Backfilling: After the installation of pins clean and crushed stone drainage of dimension ½’’-3/4’’kk is filled behind the units to a minimum depth of 12’’. The backfill should be filled to a maximum of six layers.
  • Installation of additional units: The new units should be placed on the fiberglass pins. The unit should be pushed towards in order to make full contact with the pin. If the pins do not connect with channel drainage fill should be placed in the tails of the pin to provide the interlock to the unit below.

Hire a Keystone Sculpterra Technology Wall Contractor Now

The Keystone Sculpterra Technology is a new technology which is going to start a new era of in the field of retention of wall. The technology is new so it is important to have a experienced and talented contractor to deal with it. Our company provides with contractors who are experienced and have exposure to the projects related to Sculpterra Technology. The price for the contractor is also very compatible when compared to our competitors.

Contact us to find out what you need to know in order to install with keystone Sculpterra technology.

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